A rewarding career,
on your terms

Earn money and make a difference in people’s lives

Looking to work around childcare? Want to set your own hours and work from home?

Financial coaching is a new job that enables you to earn money by helping other people define and accomplish their financial goals.

Schools don’t teach money and the financial world can be very confusing. 

Our coaches use their skills plus our technology to simplify things and help ordinary people change their relationship with money.

You’ll work from home on hours that suit you.

We make it easy for you to set-up self-employment.

We’ll guide you through a 6-week training program and provide ongoing support to become a successful accredited coach.

Ed’s Story

“After a career in the financial services and education sectors, I now work from home so I can flex my days to be able to parent our newborn. As someone who is self employed, I appreciate that I have the flexibility to take more time for paternity. 

Seeing how getting confident and in control of my finances has positively impacted my life, I want to help others achieve that same peace of mind and empowerment.”

How it works

We’ll help you build your own financial coaching business

  • Join our training program, worth over £2,000
  • Get accredited in 4-12 weeks, depending on your experience
  • Earn £25,000-£35,000 in your first year, and then up to £46,000 after that
  • Work fully remote and set your own hours
  • You’re self-employed, but we’ll take care of contracts, billing and payments
  • Get introductions to financial coaching clients who want your help

Hear from our coaches

A rewarding and flexible way to further your career

Work when and where you want

“I love being in control of my own schedule and time. I earn the money I want working 3 days a week – it’s so flexible.”

Read more about why Jeremy became a coach after a long career in accounting


“I really want to help people and that’s not something that’s easy to get from a job – that sense of impact.”

Read more about why Claire coaches in her spare time 

Be your
own boss

“If you want to go on holiday, or work more one week than the next, you can. I love that autonomy.”

Read more about why Priya became a coach

So…what is a money coach?

Money coaches help people explore their life goals and show how they can make those goals achievable. 

Using our powerful financial planning software, our coaches make it simple, engaging and exciting to plan and improve your future finances.

From budgeting and savings, to investments and pensions, and even mortgages and life insurance – coaches provide all of the information and support clients need to achieve their goals.

How much can coaches earn?

Our coaches get paid directly by their clients for their time, which ensures their incentives are strongly aligned. 

In the first year of setting up their business, a coach can earn £25,000-£35,000. In their second year and beyond, they can earn up £46,000 as they serve more clients.

Some coaches work full-time. Some work part-time around childcare or other commitments. And some treat it as a way to stay productive and make a difference in retirement.

How does training work?

We cover all the costs of your training if you’re accepted to the program.

Our training was the first of its kind to be independently accredited by The London Institute of Banking & Finance as well as The Initiative for Financial Wellbeing.

The online program is a mix of live webinars, practical experience, and peer-to-peer support.

Depending on your level of experience and the time you can commit, it can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to complete. And everyone must pass a final assessment to receive their accreditation with Octopus MoneyCoach.

Freya Mathers

What kind of impact will you have?

We aren’t exaggerating when we say money coaching can transform lives. We asked our coaches for their highlights and here’s just a few:

“Helping a client change their relationship with money and become debt-free”

“Creating a plan for a client to support his ageing parents back home”

“Showing a client he could retire years earlier than he expected”

“Helping a client to build the financial confidence to pursue her dream of starting her own business”

How to spot a brilliant money coach

Big heart
You’re motivated by a desire to help people

Great listener
People feel comfortable opening up to you

Amazing communicator
You’re confident making the complex simple

Good with numbers
You may not be a maths genius, but you can think analytically

Completely dependable
You always follow through on your commitments

Sound like someone you know?
Get up to £200!

We’ll give you up £200 for every person you refer! Just tell them to mention your name and email address when they apply.

(You get £50 when they’re accepted to our training program and £150 when they get accredited. Click here for full T&Cs.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the training cost?
The training doesn’t cost you anything other than time. All we require is that you can dedicate around 20 hours per week for the training programme. It should take between 4 and 8 weeks to complete.

While you’re a trainee you’ll be able to offer clients 50% off our usual subscription fee. This allows you to sign a handful of real life clients to gain experience with, and allows you to put your training into practice immediately. Once you become accredited and start practicing as a full financial coach, we’ll pay you 100% of the subscription fees you generated as a trainee.

How do I become an accredited coach?
During the training programme you will have 4 resources to learn from:

Online Training Course: Here you have call scripts, example calls, videos, financial theory, compliance rules etc

Training Webinars: In small groups we will go through what’s in the online training course and do deep dives into specific areas. We will also run through the different types of calls you will be holding with clients and potential clients.

Real Life Practice: Throughout the training programme you will be holding sessions with real people. This will allow you to solidify all the theory you’re learning in the webinars and online course by putting it all into practice.

Mentor: You will have a dedicated mentor who will be helping you all the way through the training programme. They will be on hand to answer any questions you have, help you get set up with all the systems and listen to all of your calls so they can provide tailored feedback allowing you to constantly learn and develop.

To become an accredited coach you need to demonstrate that you can deliver the service to the highest standard. You will need to go through the online training course and attend the webinars. But the most important thing is to learn and develop through real life practice by holding sessions with clients and potential clients.

Your mentor will judge how well you are doing with these sessions and once you’re at the right level you will be ready to become accredited. A good sign that you are doing great is when you start signing people up to the full service and then providing that service to them.

How do I earn money?
You would earn £187 per client per year, net of our charges. It takes ~3 hours per annum to serve a client – building their financial plan, as well as being available for questions about their finances throughout the year.

Within a few years, successful coaches can build a client bank of around 250 clients. This would give you annual earnings of around £46,500. As a self-employed coach with a limited company, you may be able to reduce the tax you pay on this by up to a third.

We provide you a range of services without further charge, including training, monitoring, development, accreditation, brand usage, marketing support, financial planning tools, CRM systems, billing support and more. We may charge additional amounts for other services, for example, where we introduce workplaces and potential clients to you.

How much help do I get from Octopus MoneyCoach once I’m an accredited coach?
Once you’re fully accredited, we won’t leave you high and dry. We provide a huge amount of ongoing support, tools and resources to help you deliver the best possible service for your clients and continually develop and improve your skills.

You will still have a dedicated mentor who will help you build a successful coaching business. They will have monthly catch ups with you to make sure you’re happy and have everything you need. We will be constantly reviewing your calls and plans to make sure you’re always learning and developing. If you need extra help then your mentor is on hand to provide that.

Accredited coaches have access to a weekly webinar where we deep dive into different areas. This could be new training, discussing what’s coming up or open forums for everyone to share their thoughts. You’ll also have access to the coach community where you can interact with other coaches, discuss financial topics together or just say hi.

Am I limited to finding clients in my local area?
No, you are free to approach potential clients across the UK. We encourage coaches to approach small to medium sized workplaces using their own personal network. You can then offer your service as a coach to that entire business as a workplace benefit. Octopus MoneyCoach will help you with this as much as possible including providing you with material to send and attending your first few meetings. The only requirement is to disclose to us which workplace you are planning on approaching so we can make sure no one else has already made contact.