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“It feels so freeing getting to the point where I’m in control of my money.” Natasha
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“We found out we could get an extra £6,000 towards our house purchase. … That was a big help.” Harry
“I was surprised by how far into my future I could see.” Becks
“There was such a solid, detailed, plan which was completely tailored to exactly what I needed.” Dharmesh

Everyone has money questions – so what’s on your mind?

How do I create a budget I will actually stick to?

How can I get on the property ladder faster?

How much should I be saving?

Am I making the most of my pensions? (Actually…how does a pension even work?)

Should I be investing? How much?

Do I have the right protection for my family?

How it works

Book a time to meet your coach

Tell your coach about your big goals and any money questions in a free starter session.

Decide if it’s right for you

There’s no obligation after your first session. Take your time and decide if it’s right for you.


Get a fully customised financial plan from your coach

Once you sign up, your coach will start building a full plan designed around your goals – that covers everything from budgeting to saving, mortgages to pensions.


Get ongoing support when you need it

You and your coach will catch-up every 3 months to see how you’re getting on – and you can message them as often as you need in between.


Achieve your goals!

We’ll be the first ones to celebrate with you as you reach your money goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me if I'm close to retirement or have complex circumstances?
Our service is designed to help the vast majority of employees, though there are some circumstances in which we might recommend that you speak to a more specialist source of advice.

For instance, if you’re thinking of withdrawing money from your pension within the next 5 years, or if you are looking for advice on investing more than £200,000, then you may need more specialist help than Octopus MoneyCoach can provide.
If in doubt, please do book in your session and your coach will help you to work out what would be the best option for you. They can also refer you to a specialist adviser, if you would like them to do so.

How will my session be held?
Most sessions are held via Zoom. A link to the Zoom meeting will be included in the calendar invitation which is sent to you after confirm your booking above. However, coaches can hold your session via phone instead, if you prefer. Please just let your coach know after booking your session.
Can my partner join the session?
Yes! If your partner would like to join the session they are more than welcome to do so. Your coach will view your finances as a whole, and there’s no additional cost for including your partner in a financial plan, if you choose to sign up to the full Octopus MoneyCoach service.
Are conversations with my coach confidential?
Yes! The privacy and security of our customers’ data is our top priority, and we would never share any personal information about you with any third party (including your employer) without your express permission. You can view our full privacy policy here.