Help us transform a million lives

We’re looking for great people, committed to helping others get maximum happiness from their hard-earned money.

Financial coaching changes lives

That’s why we’ve spent years working out how to develop a personalised money plan for anyone, no matter their situation, hopes or dreams.

We’ve discovered how to do that in a scalable way, fusing powerful technology with expert human coaching, all for about the cost of a Netflix subscription.

Our mission is huge, so we need help from the brightest and most-driven people, with a passion for societal impact. If that’s you, we’d love to speak.

I joined Octopus MoneyCoach because I believe in the mission

It has been amazing to help build such a unique service, and seeing the impact we make on our client’s lives is really rewarding. I’m grateful to have so many smart, hard working, and kind colleagues to enjoy the journey with!”

Caspian Paget Coach Excellence Manager

“I love working with so many great employers

Each day, the excitement and positive feedback we hear from their employees reminds us what a difference we’re making.”

Neasa McNulty Account Executive

Why work at Octopus MoneyCoach?

Make a difference
We’re on a mission to help millions of people improve their finances. Seeing the impact we can make on our clients’ lives is deeply rewarding, and motivates the whole team to keep doing more to improve our service. Our client feedback is extremely positive, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Vouchedfor.
Join a great team
We’re a diverse team with decades of experience in financial services and a proven track record. We like to set ambitious goals for ourselves, and work together to find creative ways to achieve them. We don’t like office politics, and believe in treating everyone with transparency and respect.
Pensions & other benefits
As an Octopus MoneyCoach employee you’ll get access to a company pension, free financial coaching, and other benefits to make sure you’re healthy and happy, now and in the future. We also like to have fun together as team – from trips to the pub after work to company picnics in the summer – and hopefully much more once the pandemic is over!
Rapidly grow your career
We believe in hiring people who are better than us, and giving them opportunities to achieve great things. As we continue to scale up, there will be lots opportunities for ambitious new joiners to demonstrate their skills and take on bigger roles.
Flexible working
Our team splits their time between our central London office (3 days a week) and work from home (2 days). Everyone also enjoys a generous “work from anywhere” allowance.
A stake in the company
As a fast growing startup, we make sure that everyone in the team has skin in the game by giving them a stake in the future success of the company. In addition, we offer a team bonus provided we meet our goals.

No suitable roles below?

If you’d like to work with us, but can’t see any suitable roles available right now, please share your CV and we’ll be in touch as soon as a relevant opportunity comes up!