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Perfect if your goals haven’t changed

Dedicated money coach
Unlimited email with your coach
2x30 min money coaching sessions to use whenever you need them
2xYearly Planning Sessions to review finances and plan for new goals
Invites to all our webinars
Access to your money plan in Propeller
Use our tool, Propeller, to make better money decisions
Update your money plan with unlimited new goals
Per year

Pay by direct debit

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Add extra sessions when you need them

Extra Money Coaching Session

30 minutes


Extra Money Coaching Session

60 minutes


Yearly Planning
(included with Standard Plan)

· Define and plan for your new goals
· Full review of your finances
· Get a new coach-approved money plan
· Get up-to-date recommendations for saving, pension, investing and more


Which subscription is right for me?
For most people, the Standard Subscription is best – you get more time with your coach and get to make sure that your money plan and actions are up to date. So much changes in our lives (and the world!) every year, so it’s important to create a new up-to-date plan each year.

But if your situation hasn’t changed, you don’t have new goals to plan for and you need less time with your coach, the Light Subscription may be better. You still get to keep access to your money planner and create different scenarios to help you make better money decisions throughout the year.

When will I be charged?
Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until your current subscription ends. We’ll give you a heads up by email.
My workplace offers Octopus MoneyCoach and I get a discount by paying through my salary. Will this change?
If you continue with the Standard Subscription, nothing will change. You’ll keep getting the discount on the service by paying from your pre-tax salary. It will cost £14-16 per month, depending on your tax rate. But if you switch to the Light Subscription, you’ll pay through Direct Debit instead.
How do I purchase additional money coaching sessions?
Email your coach and they’ll help you get sorted.
How long is the subscription?
Both subscriptions are rolling 1-year subscriptions. You’ll get access to your money plan, the sessions with your coach, our webinars and other content for a full year. We’ll email you a few weeks before your subscription is due to renew.
Will I still be able to access my plan if I don't subscribe?
No, you’ll have to be on one of our two subscriptions in order to access and use your plan in Propeller.