Ali Poulton

Ali loves seeing her clients achieve their goals. She supports her clients by creating a non-judgemental space, in which to challenge and transform the mindsets that could be holding clients back.

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Since returning to the UK from living in New Zealand, I created a successful photography business whilst my children were small. I enjoyed the freedom and the challenges of running my own business.

Five years ago, I retrained to become a life business and life coach and worked a lot with creatives and entrepreneurs on many different areas of life and business.

Having worked in the professional business coaching industry, I decided to focus my coaching on the financial wellbeing sector because I believe having a good grasp of one’s finances is key to achieving many goals in life.

For me, life and finances are about balance and getting that balance right. Whether that’s focusing on investments and long term retirement plans or setting a budget for the now in order to achieve a goal in the short term. Whatever my clients’ futures looks like, I work with them to build a successful plan.

When I’m not in my office, you can find me dealing with teenage girl dramas or walking with my husband and my dog, out in nature for as long as possible.

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