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"My reward is making a difference to people's lives and seeing them achieve their goals."

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It’s my mission in life to help people. I’ve a lifetime of experience managing my own finances and I’ve learnt a lot of lessons, many of them fruitful, some of them painful. My work is helping people enjoy more of the former and avoid the latter! My reward is making a difference to people’s lives and seeing them achieve their goals.

When I heard about Octopus MoneyCoach, I immediately thought it was great idea. Everyone has personal finances, but they’re not taught at school or college. We’re all constantly bombarded with financial news and information on mortgages, savings, pensions, ISAs, interest rates, taxes, stocks & shares and so on, but money is not often a topic for conversation with friends or family.

My business career has been in Information Technology and Communications with companies ranging in size from start-ups to IBM and Vodafone. I love unravelling complex situations and making things simpler, better and more effective for all concerned.

Having me as your Financial Coach is like having your own tame financial nerd on hand to inform, motivate, and encourage you. I can be your guide to the way ahead, to help you plan for the future and optimise your financial wellbeing.

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