Claire Tibble

Claire believes that managing your personal finances doesn’t need to be frightening. With the right approach, it can instead be empowering and quite literally, rewarding.
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I have a real desire to help people succeed and am convinced that one of the best ways to do this is to show people how to help themselves, by encouraging them to understand and embrace their personal finances. That is why I’m so pleased to work as a financial coach and help people break down complex and often confusing concepts into simpler, easy to manage segments. Once people have their finances in order, they begin to realise what else is possible!

I have more than fifteen years experience in research finance management at an internationally leading London university. This has provided me with the opportunity to work with a varied portfolio of budgets and an even more varied cohort of budget holders – thus teaching me the skills to adjust my approach to the individual needs and wants of my clients, with respect to their current circumstances and future goals. There is no one right way to manage personal finances and I fully believe in developing tailored strategies to best suit each person I work with.

In addition to my finance management role, I sit on the board of trustees as Treasurer for a national UK charity and have acted in several other voluntary teaching, training and advisory roles. These roles have allowed me to connect with diverse and wide-ranging sections of society.

When not working, I have fun by exploring anything and everything I can – whether that be somewhere close to home in London, or somewhere much further afield. I am happiest when my next trip to somewhere not yet ventured is booked and, perhaps foolishly, say that I will try anything at least once!

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