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I work as a Financial Coach with Octopus MoneyCoach and I am based in Worcestershire. I’ve had a long career in Human Resources and Pensions, working for a large utility company and in the public sector, where I was responsible for running employee benefit and pension schemes. As part of my job, I helped employees understand the benefits they were offered and I saw the impact that improving financial wellbeing could have on all aspects of someone’s life, not just at work.

I chose to become a Financial Coach because I’ve always loved building people’s knowledge about how things like workplace pensions work and seeing people develop the confidence to take control of their finances. As your Financial Coach, I’ll help you work out what your financial goals are, then work with you to develop a plan for how you’ll reach them. With your plan in place, I’ll also help you deliver it to achieve your best possible financial future. I’ll help you to understand how money works, where and how you spend it and where and how you could put your money to better use.

Away from coaching, I spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the wonderful Worcestershire countryside, riding my horse and walking my dog. Thank you for reading, please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can improve your financial future together!

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