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Ed has over 15 years experience coaching individuals and organisations to develop the skills they need to reach their goals. To find out how Ed could help you reach your financial goals, book in a free initial session today!

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I grew up being told that money was something not to be discussed and at school no one ever showed me how you should or could manage your finances. As a result, during my first years of “adult life” I did not feel in control of my finances and certainly had no confidence in how to manage all the different aspects – budgeting, pension, savings, etc. Seeing how getting confident and in control of my finances has positively impacted my life, I want to help others achieve that same peace of mind and empowerment.

I have dedicated over 15 years of my career towards helping different groups of people or organisations grow, change, and develop. I have been privileged to work with leaders, leadership teams and business owners to become better versions of themselves and am passionate about making a difference.

I have worked across a variety of industries as a qualified Level 7 ILM Executive Coach. Working in the financial services sector, I supported both individual executives in the development of their careers, and organisations in the building of effective teams. I also have a strong background in the education sector, both as a secondary school Head of Department and as an external coach working with other senior leaders.

I love helping others identify challenges or mindsets that are holding them back from change and then creating clear actionable solutions that helps them navigate towards positive outcomes.

Outside of the office I can be found running in circles after my dog or children, cycling around the country lanes of Berkshire or following my sporting passions of cricket and rugby.

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