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Freya is a London based financial coach who loves helping her clients achieve their financial goals. Book your free session now to find out how Freya could help you!

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My name is Freya and I’m a London-based Financial Coach who loves helping my clients reach their goals, big and small!

I got into financial coaching because I’ve seen the impact financial literacy and financial wellness have on all aspects of our lives. Money is unfortunately our biggest source of stress – with clarity and a solid plan as the best antidote.

When you book in a free initial discovery call, that’s exactly what we’ll start working on. I’ll be in your corner, empowering you and keeping you accountable!

What sets me apart as a financial coach is that I used to be terrible with money! I’ve made all the mistakes and I’ve learned a lot from them. As I, just three years ago, used to be a complete novice, I am particularly good at breaking down complex topics and making it easy to understand and implement.

I am an active person and when I’m not building financial plans, I love to be out and about with my little son and my partner. I also love to go to Norway which is where I’m from – the winters there are cold but magical. I’d love to support you with your finances – book a discovery call today!

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