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Having always had a passion for making the most of any money through optimising money management and maximising returns, I now use my skills and experiences to offer guidance to others with the power of the Octopus MoneyCoach services and financial planning tool.

As a Financial Coach my job is to understand your big financial goals and put a financial plan in place to show how you can achieve them. Once you have a plan, I’ll help you take all the necessary actions to ensure you have the brightest possible financial future.

Some areas I often help my clients with include:

* Saving to buy a house and arranging the best available mortgage.

* Planning for their children’s future and saving enough to make sure they will be secure over the long term.

* Building the right investment portfolio to grow their wealth for the medium to long term.

* Ensuring they are on track to retire comfortably.

* Helping you to manage your budgeting and general money management.

At Octopus MoneyCoach, we work a bit differently to most Financial Advisers, in a way that keeps our service accessible and affordable to everybody. We work primarily by Zoom, phone and email, and make use of technology and external specialists (at no cost to you!), allowing us to charge less than a Financial Adviser typically would.

Although as a financial coach I am not FCA regulated, Octopus MoneyCoach is authorised and regulated to provide financial advice by the FCA. This means that I have all the resources required to make sorting your finances quick and easy and you have all the guarantees that come with getting advice from a regulated adviser.

After we have spoken, if I believe that our service is not suitable for your needs or you would benefit from speaking to a specialist adviser, I will help you find the right alternative even if that means referring you to another financial advice firm.

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