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Martha is a London based Financial Coach with over 15 years experience in education and leadership. To find out more about how Martha can help you, book a free session below!

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I have 15 years experience in education, teaching and leading in schools in the UK and internationally, with my last role being a Secondary School Head Teacher. My subject specialisms were Business, Economics, ICT and Personal Finance. I am also passionate about personal and professional development and have been involved in training consulting and coaching for the past 10 years.

Coming from humble beginnings, I was an avid saver as a child. I achieved my childhood goals of buying myself a pay as-you-go mobile phone at 16. I then went onto purchase my first car, with insurance fully paid for the year, and an international holiday at 18.

Through budgeting and utilising different sources of savings, investments and lending, I continued to use my financial savviness into adulthood. By making my money work for me I managed to achieve some of my biggest life goals, including buying my dream home at 28.

Since then I have continued to live life to its fullest by ticking things off my bucketlist and being a frequent traveller. I want to help others with their finances so they too can realise their dreams.

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