Matt O'Sullivan

Matt is an Essex based financial coach. He’s a keen sportsman and has made the transition to financial coaching from a sports science background. Book a free initial coaching session to find out how Matt could help you!

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I have always had a strong motivation to help other people, although I have spent most of my career focussed on health rather than financial wellbeing! I have a degree in Sports Science, and spent the last 13 years working in Ergonomics – supporting individuals with musculoskeletal issues at work.

I decided to become a financial coach because I am fascinated by personal finance, and coaching allows me to combine my interest in finance with my passion for helping others. Over the years, I have always helped friends and family with running through options for savings and budgeting and have done extensive reading in this area, including completing a number of financial adviser modules.

In my spare time, I play football and cricket at an amateur level most weekends and am generally a huge sports fan. I like to keep to myself fit and healthy too during the weeks, so you’ll often find me out running. I have a young family too, so enjoy spending as much spare time as I can with them.

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