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"My role as an accredited Financial Coach, is to help you navigate the financial minefield that sits between you and your personal financial goals."

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My role as an accredited Financial Coach, is to help you navigate the financial minefield that sits between you and your personal financial goals, be that of buying a home, retiring early, saving for your kids, protecting loved ones or just being better able to manage your money.

I am an energetic and committed wife and mother who has juggled multiple roles in various industries, to ensure that my family enjoys a comfortable life. My passion for financial independence and well-being is rooted in an appreciation for the opportunities that financial freedom gives to individuals; whether it’s being more present in the lives of those that
matter to you or having an impact on the things that are important, my goal is to help you realise your hopes and dreams.

Having 4 grown-up children, there’s nothing I haven’t seen or heard when it comes to the challenges of establishing a good financial foundation and working towards your ideal future. Conversations around money are often very difficult, my goal as a coach is to provide you with a safe space to have those conversations leaving you feeling equipped and empowered to make confident decisions when it comes to your money and taking the next steps.

Having embarked on a financial freedom journey of my own, I have experienced the world of working, progressing through various sectors from social care to service brokerage, to setting up a business of my own in the property and investment space. My journey to seeking fulfilment in my work has led me to financial coaching.

In my spare time, I am a keen squash player and cyclist, on my faithful bright yellow Brompton bike. I am an avid podcast listener, audiobook fanatic and committed learner, who finds pleasure in keeping up to date with key personal financial and wider macroeconomic trends, all whilst working towards my CII Diploma in Financial Planning.

Having read my profile, if you are keen to take the next steps on your journey towards your personal finance goals and financial independence, please contact me.

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