Priya Joshi

Priya is an experienced life coach and company director, with a passion for helping others reach their financial goals. Book your free session now to find out how Priya could help you!

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As a financial coach at Octopus MoneyCoach, I have the immense privilege of helping my clients uncover their financial dreams and ambitions with exceptional clarity.

I support my clients to create actionable plans for putting their money to work and achieving their goals in a way that is both practical and inspiring.

Some areas I help my clients with include:

• Buying a property and arranging a mortgage

• Optimising their investment strategy and growing wealth

• Budgeting and tracking spending to be able to afford their life goals

• Planning for their children’s future and security

• Creating a retirement plan for a comfortable future

At Octopus MoneyCoach, we work a bit differently to most financial advisers in order to keep our services affordable. We work primarily by phone and video calls, make use of financial planning software and include free referrals to external specialists at no extra cost. This allows us to charge less than a financial adviser typically would.

My favourite part of coaching with Octopus MoneyCoach are the ‘ah-ha’ moments when a client realises that they can realistically achieve their goals when they put into action the strategy and steps laid out in their financial plan! It’s an interactive and co-creative process rather than a prescriptive to-do list, which I have found is the best way to achieve significant progress and success.

Drawing on my many years as a clinical optometrist and as well as my experience as a life coach and director of a property investment company, I bring a unique blend of expertise and professionalism combined with a judgement-free space for clients to really explore and get the most out of all that financial coaching has to offer.

Away from financial coaching, I am a big fan of learning how to street dance. I play the violin and hope to join an orchestra someday soon! I also love getting involved with charity projects such as the Literacy Pirates and have previously set up a week of free eye care and glasses for London’s homeless in collaboration with the charity Crisis.

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