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Richard is a Surrey based Financial Coach. He’s a serial entrepreneur and a stickler for the finer details of personal finance. If you’re interested in benefitting from Richard’s expertise, Richard offers a free initial session to see if financial coaching is right for you!

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My wide-ranging life experience, varied career, and a keen interest in personal finance all drew me to Financial Coaching. I have worked with the Financial Ombudsman Service and run several businesses, including owning a restaurant, a tutoring business, a corporate training business, and a number of online ventures. It’s been quite the journey!

I love meeting new people, and have always tried to give more than I take. Helping people with something as important to their lives as financial wellbeing, and making a real tangible difference to someone’s financial future has been incredibly rewarding. I haven’t always made the correct financial decisions in my life, but I’ve learned valuable lessons along the way. I often find the trouble with money begins when you start spending it on things you don’t understand. Many years ago I bought a car in a private sale. I was delighted as I drove my new Alfa Romeo home, only to be less delighted when the engine gave way after less than a hundred miles! One new engine later I realised that much like someone’s personal finances, making financial decisions without a proper understanding of what you’re purchasing or investing in, can be a very expensive mistake.

I would say that my style of coaching is very much… “I am working with you. We are a team solving this problem, and improving your finances together”. By doing this my clients have a better understanding of their situation, and learn how to improve their circumstances without noticing they are being “coached”. This usually results in an empowered, knowledgeable, money-confident, happy client.

When I am not helping my clients, I love to travel; everything from Malaysian jungles to German beer gardens. I also enjoy time with my family, friends and Romanian rescue dog, Munch.

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