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Sabena is a London based financial coach with a background in the asset management industry. Her empathetic and holistic approach allows her to develop a deeper understanding of her client’s needs. Book a free coaching session now to find out how Sabena can help you!

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I have always had an interest in personal finance and helping others to make better financial decisions and achieve financial freedom. My experience in the asset management industry taught me that many people experience information overload with financial information or products, causing confusion and anxiety. Subsequently this leads to poor decision making with savings, investments and pensions.

I truly believe everyone can achieve peace of mind and security with better financial awareness and financial planning. My coaching style is focused on support, empathy and education, providing a framework for client empowerment which is results orientated.

As a nature lover and yoga enthusiast, I feel the inner peace and clarity achieved from the practice promotes health and nourishes the soul. I believe financial wellbeing can also be achieved through financial coaching and holistic financial planning.

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