Stephen Fannon

Stephen is a Worcestershire based Financial Coach. He has spent the majority of his career in education, and provides a warm, friendly approach to tackling the big financial questions. Book a free initial session to learn how he can help you!

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I have over 38 years of experience in the education sector, both as a frontline practitioner, and as a senior manager. I previously taught business and economics, and before becoming a financial coach I worked in as a troubleshooting capacity as a consultant. To say that I enjoyed those 38 years would likely be a gross understatement!

I became a financial coach because it closely aligned with my previous career – helping to support people achieve their life ambitions and aspirations – but also tapped into my lifelong interest in personal finance. I experienced a bit of a wake up call when my father died at a relatively young age, and left a considerable hole in our family’s finances. It was the impact of this and the resulting fallout that motivated me to learn about personal finance and begin investing wisely. Overall, aside from one or two misjudgements I have come out on top.

My coaching style is built on empowerment and active participation. After all, every client needs to feel like they’re in control of their own finances, and that they’re armed with the tools to deal with what life (in financial terms) throws at them! I get enormous joy when I hear clients tell me that the sessions have been a real eye opener for them.

Away from coaching I’m a great one for escapism, and love to get lost in a good book! Quite often I get accused of “being away with the fairies” so the Lord of the Rings trilogy does it for me every time.

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