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Suzanne is a Staffordshire based financial coach, who initially developed her coaching skills through a career in IT management. Book your free coaching session now to find out how Suzanne could help you!

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Prior to working with Octopus MoneyCoach, I specialised in building and running IT test management and delivery teams in the financial services sector. During my career, I developed my coaching skills and found it very rewarding helping and supporting team members to learn and adopt new skills and realise their career ambitions. I enjoyed the coaching aspect of my role so much, I decided to switch careers and become a full-time coach.

I first saw the benefits of personal finance management thanks to a former manager of mine, who helped me understand the basics, and offered practical advice about how I could manage my money and start to saving towards my future.

I have continued to develop my money mindset and share knowledge and techniques with my friends and family. I find it very rewarding seeing them take control on their money matters, be confident in their decisions, and share in their delight as they achieve their goals.

My favourite moments as a coach are when I hear the relief in my client’s voice once they have seen their financial plan and realised they were on track for a comfy retirement. It’s moments like these, seeing the difference it makes to people’s lives, that make being a financial coach so rewarding.

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