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I discovered my passion for financial organisation, structures and strategies while studying a degree in accounting in South Africa. My enthusiasm comes from many years working as a coach for the UK’s leading financial education charity for young people and delivering lectures and workshops to the UK’s top universities.

My partner and I now work 90% remotely with a base in Canary Wharf on a Dutch barge. We travel extensively, saving and investing our way into a secure and comfortable future. Having time to focus on other passions is also a key priority for us, so when I’m not coaching or lecturing, you’ll likely find me hiking, supporting an exciting start-up or in front of an easel with a paint brush!

So, grab yourself a coffee or tea and book me in for a free discovery session. Tell me about your setup and what you’re doing or not doing. Let’s discuss an optimal setup that leaves you in a stronger position and will enable you to achieve your goals sooner and more wisely if possible. If you’re unclear on some of your goals, that’s fine too, that’s where we’ll start. Ultimately, we’ll discuss what actions you can take today to better your situation with enough flexibility to enjoy the ride. The earlier you start planning the better off you will be.

If you’d like to continue beyond the first session, it costs just £20.75 per month (and significantly less if your workplace offers Octopus MoneyCoach as an employee benefit). You’ll get a financial plan, and a link to my diary for half hour sessions, as many as are needed, via phone or video call. Whatever supports you best.

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