Give every employee their own financial coach

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Employees are asking for more

More than half of UK adults regularly worry about money. We’re drowning in financial clickbait, calculators and chatbots.

But very few of us have access to someone we can talk to about our money – someone who can get to know us and help us plan for the future we want.

Financial wellbeing is the great, big octopus we’re not talking about

While we’ve made great strides in supporting physical and mental wellbeing, most businesses know they could do more to support their employees’ financial wellbeing.

Schools don’t teach money, society makes it taboo, and banks want to sell. We’re here to help employers fill the void.

Coaching is the missing link that has a big impact

It’s Personal

While other platforms and algorithms promise personalisation, nothing’s more personal than a face-to-face conversation.

It’s Effective

Coaching doesn’t just pique interest … it has a major impact on employees’ finances, and uptake of employee benefits.

It’s Important

When we worry less about money, we free up space to focus on what really matters to us.

What We Provide

Dedicated, impartial coaches Each employee gets their own financial coach to work with as much or as little as they want – with zero bias, no hidden agenda and no products to sell.

Planning technology Coaches show employees how to allocate money and build custom plans to reach their goals.

Specialist support Where employees have complex needs, coaches can refer them to a specialist colleague or approved third party.

Money workshops Coaches create and lead live group sessions customised to the topics that your employees care most about.

Benefits integration Coaches become knowledgeable about all the benefits you offer so they can help employees get the most out of them.

Guides & resources Employees can access our unique educational content and tools to help them implement their plans.

Financial coaching brings impact to your wellbeing programme


of employees will use their financial coach in the first year


of people will immediately make better use of money or benefits, having built a financial plan


average improvement to household wealth, within 1 year of building a financial plan

A financial life-plan for each employee

With the help of our clever planning technology, we’ll help you look ahead, take control of your finances, and reach your goals faster.

We are proud to be trusted by great employers:

Steve and Emma, now set to be £100k better off

Here’s the plan we built with them, in a nutshell:

  1. Each save an extra £38 per week
  2. Make use of LISAs (each get £1k annual bonus)
  3. Start contributing to your employer pensions
  4. Start investing, only after your house purchase

With these small steps, Steve and Emma can expect to be £100k better off in 10 years’ time.

Up to 10-times more affordable than traditional financial advice

While traditional financial advice is a good option for the wealthy, we’re here for everyone. Our coaches never recommend specific financial products, avoiding the risks and costs associated with traditional advice. And thanks to our smart planning technology, we’ve been able to make professional support available to all, for a lot less.

For employers, we have a choice of pricing and funding options:

Employer Funded For maximum impact, employers can fund the full financial planning service for their employees, for less than it costs to buy everyone a monthly coffee.

Salary Sacrifice Employees can meet their coach annually, with unlimited email contact, without any charge whatsoever. Our full financial planning service then costs just £12-14 per month from net pay, if funded through salary sacrifice.

We set extremely high standards, so you can have full confidence in our service

Part of Octopus Across our Energy and Financial Services businesses, we’re trusted by over 2m consumers.

Certified B-Corporation We are committed to considering the impact of our decisions on customers, community, and the environment.

Secure We adhere to best-practice security standards, regularly audited by some of the world’s largest employers.

Confidential Our service is fully confidential. We are ICO registered and GDPR compliant.

FCA-Regulated We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Read more about the regulatory nature of our services.

Coach Monitoring We set the highest standards of financial coach vetting, training and monitoring. Read more.