Talking will make you better off

We’re here to give what we never had – someone you can talk to about money.

What’s included?

A Friendly Financial Coach

Your personal financial coach is on hand whenever you need them. You tell them what’s important to you and they’ll help you build a custom plan that’s easy to understand.

Your Own Financial Plan

See how your wealth is set to grow and how much better off you could be. Our powerful software shows how to meet your goals and make your money go even further.

Help Taking Action

To help you make it happen, we’ll turn your plan  into a simple action list. And your coach will remain on-hand to answer any questions. If you’d like advice on the best products, see how we can help.

Your own plan, for your life

With the help of our clever planning technology, we’ll help you look ahead, take control of your finances, and reach your goals faster.

Steve and Emma, now set to be £100k better off

Here’s the plan we built with them, in a nutshell:

  1. Each save an extra £38 per week
  2. Make use of LISAs (each get £1k annual bonus)
  3. Start contributing to your employer pensions
  4. Start investing, only after your house purchase

With these small steps, Steve and Emma can expect to be £100k better off in 10 years’ time.

Our Standard Charges

£249 for 1 year or £12-14/mth from your pay*

You’ll get:

  • Your own dedicated Financial Coach
  • Unlimited use of our Financial Planning software
  • Help picking the right saving, investment, pension, mortgage and money protection solutions. Read more.
  • 50% discount on professional will-writing, from just £45

* Reduction in net pay, where your employer allows you to pay by “salary sacrifice”

On average, people add £9,755 to their household wealth, in the first year of working with their coach.

Up to 10-times more affordable than traditional financial advice

While traditional financial advice is a good option for the wealthy, we’re here for everyone. Our coaches never recommend specific financial products, avoiding the risks and costs associated with traditional advice. And thanks to our smart planning technology, we’ve been able to make professional support available to all, for a lot less.

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Coaches, not Advisers

Your coach will help you plan your finances, but they will never recommend a specific company’s financial products, or have any financial interest in any products you choose. This means they’re on your side and act in your interests alone. It also means our coaches do not perform a role that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

If you do want advice on specific products, Octopus MoneyCoach has tools and services with all the necessary FCA permissions.

So whether you want impartial coaching and planning, or specific product recommendations, we’ve got you covered. 

How our coaches and advice services combine to give you all the help you need.


Your coach will talk you through techniques to help you spend on the things you enjoy, while saving the rest.

Then, if you want, our tools can help you pick the best accounts.


Using our planning technology, your coach will help you work out the right amounts to invest.

Then you’ll get  access to our simple online investing tool, which provides simple advice on which investment funds are right for you.


Your coach will show you how much insurance you and your family would need, should something bad happen.

Then, we can put you in touch with a specialist adviser to ensure you have the right policy at the lowest possible price.


Contributing to a pension is one of the best ways to save towards retirement. We’ll help you work out how much you should be contributing today to make sure you’re on track for a comfortable retirement down the line.


Whether you’re saving to buy your first property, or looking to remortgage – getting the best deal on your mortgage can save you thousands. We’ll refer you to a mortgage specialist who can find you the best deal, at no additional cost.


A written will is essential to ensure your loved ones are looked after no matter what. When you work with a coach, you can get 50% off the price of a legally valid will (currently England & Wales only).

In providing advice on investments, mortgage and life insurance, Octopus MoneyCoach or our select third parties will review a wide range of products, representative of the full range of products available in the UK. These products will be sufficiently diverse to ensure we are giving advice in your best interests, and with us having no ties to any specific product provider. We will not earn any commissions for any investment products recommended. We may earn a commission when we recommend either a mortgage or insurance product. This allows us to not charge fees for these services, and we make sure these commissions have no influence on the advice provided.