Give your team an introduction to building financial security

“The session was brilliant and I’ve heard that our colleagues got a lot from it…I know I have!” –UK HR Leader

Get Money Fearless!

Our 1-hour group coaching webinar,
live for your team

In this uplifting and action-oriented webinar, our money coach will help transform how your employees feel about money.

We’ll cover the foundations of money management (including budgeting, savings, investing, pensions and more). We’ll introduce a cornerstone of financial security: setting short, medium and long-term goals. And along the way, we’ll give them practical and bite-sized tips for their own finances.

What We’ll Cover


How to work out your short-term goals

How to start budgeting

How to build an emergency fund

How to cope with rising cost of living

What to do if you’re worried about money


How to work out your medium-term goals

How to break these goals down into steps you can take now


How to work out your long-terms goals

Why pensions are important

The power of compound interest

Protection, insurance and securing you and your family’s future

What Your Team Will Get

Clearer understanding of common money concepts – from pensions to compound interest

Practical tips to start budgeting and saving today

An opportunity to ask any money questions

A personal blueprint with their short, medium and long-term goals

What it costs

£1,250 + VAT

What’s included?

  • A live, virtual session for your team, hosted by an accredited financial coach
  • On a date and time of your choice
  • With time for open Q&A for your all webinar attendees
  • Access to the webinar recording to share with your team for 3 months