Give every single employee their own money coach

We give everyone in your company an annual session with an accredited coach for free.

Over 100,000 UK employees now have access to an Octopus MoneyCoach

Who helps your team plan for their future?

72%Aren’t engaging with their pension

8 in 10Bring money worries to work

89%Want someone to talk to about money

We deliver real impact you can measure

Imagine seeing these improvements to your employees’ financial wellbeing!

100%Build a retirement plan

25%Increase their pension

51%Reduce their debt

55%Increase their savings

Here’s how it works

Every employee gets matched with their own coach

Coaches email them directly and employees choose a time to meet.

They meet for a free 1-to-1 session

We cover the costs for one Starter Session per employee every year!

Our coaches listen, learn and educate

They discuss their future goals, starting with what they want their retirement to look like. As coaches help employees make the most of their pension, they’ll cover lots of other money topics too – from student debt to budgeting, mortgages and more


Employees get their own, detailed financial plan

Starting with a detailed retirement snapshot, the plan is 100% personalised to their personal goals


Our tailored content and action tracker help them reach their goals

Our tools have been tested and endorsed by financial advisors and industry experts


Coaches stay by their side every step

They’ll be your employees’ first call when it comes to planning for their future and making sure they’re still on track


Employees get access to a full calendar of live group coaching webinars

Our year-long program of financial education webinars covers all the money topics your employees care most about

Discover pension guidance – but not as you know it…

How many people show up to your pension webinars? Or open your pension emails?

(And, be honest, can you blame them…?)

It’s hard to get excited about your pension. But we’re determined to get every employee engaged in planning for their future. The status quo isn’t working. To change it, we need a radically different approach to retirement and pension planning. And that’s exactly what we’ve built.


Give your team access to monthly financial education webinars

LIVEManaging the Rising Cost of Living

LIVEEnergy Costs: What You Can Do

LIVEInteractive Budgeting Workshop

LIVEPlanning Your Money for Parental Leave

LIVEPlanning for the Unexpected

LIVETalk Money Week

and many more…

Learn how to launch money coaching in your company

Frequently Asked Questions

What is financial coaching?
Glad you asked! Financial coaching helps you figure out what’s really important to you and then what to do with your money to make it happen.

Coaches are trained in all the fundamentals of personal finance – from ISAs to pensions – but they’re also trained to listen, help you define what’s important to you and support you to make progress.

Unlike other forms of financial education, it starts with you and what you want. It’s so much easier to learn about money and to build new habits, when it’s connected to what you really care about.

What’s the difference between financial coaching and financial advice?
Ah yes. There’s financial coaching and there’s financial advice. Let us explain.

Our coaches will help plan your finances and make suggestions based on your goals … that’s coaching. And coaching is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

But our coaches will never recommend a specific company’s investment, pension, mortgage or insurance product … that’s advice, and that is regulated by the FCA.

However, as a company, Octopus MoneyCoach does have automated low-cost services, that can recommend specific financial products, and which clients are welcome to use. This is financial advice, and so we as a company are regulated by the FCA, even though our individual coaches are not.

Your coach will never make money from any products you choose through these services, which means they’re on your side and act in your interests alone.

What are the most popular features of financial coaching?
The most popular features from Octopus MoneyCoach are the ability to:

  • Book unlimited sessions with your financial coach
  • Get a visualised year-by-year forecast, all the way to retirement, so you can be confident making bigger financial decisions
  • Find out exactly how much to save, invest and put into pension to reach your goals
  • Get a year-by-year cash flow forecast, so you can be confident making bigger spending decisions
  • Keep track of the money “to dos” you agree with your coach
  • Add your partner’s finances at no additional cost

How is MoneyCoach different from other financial coaching services?
We’re proud to be one of the most established financial coaching services in the UK. We’re FCA-registered for Financial Advice and an Associate Firm of the Personal Finance Society.

Take our word for it…financial coaching is difficult to do properly. We have been built from the ground up to do just that – deliver the very best financial coaching at the best price possible.

We’re building the UK’s biggest and most diverse community of accredited coaches, which allows us to support companies big and small. (We already provide coaching to several UK workplaces with more than 10,000 employees.)

All of our clients get dedicated access to their coach for as much time as they need.

Our coaches use professional-grade planning tools to build a personalised plan and action list for every client.

We take direct and ongoing responsibility for training, supervising and monitoring all of our financial coaches – that means clients aren’t passed on to an unknown party for coaching.

Some providers may also use financial advisors who may be incentivised to offer specific financial products to employees. Our coaches never recommend products, so you don’t have to worry about the liability of giving bad advice.

Finally, you can trust that we have long-term stability and backing because we’re part of the Octopus group.

Do you provide financial content in addition to coaching?
Yes! We also have a regular webinar series plus a library of short form written and video content that can be shared with employees by email, messaging or a company portal.

But let’s face it – most financial content is really boring. We think there’s too much information and not enough personalisation. So most of our content is built around the big goals and milestones in an employee’s life. From getting a bonus to getting on the property ladder and starting a family – all of our content starts with topics employees actually care about.

Are you FCA-regulated?
Yes. However, our coaches do not provide regulated “financial advice.” For example, they don’t recommend specific investments, funds or other financial products to your employees.
How do your fees qualify for tax-efficient salary sacrifice?
In 2017, a bill was passed allowing an employee to receive up to £500 p.a. of ‘pension advice’ as a non-taxable benefit. Check out EIM21803.