Meet our friendly money coaches

From all walks of life, up and down the country, our accredited coaches share a mission to help people make the most of their money.

“I’ve learnt so much on my own financial journey. Being able to share that and help others feels like my purpose” Priya
“It’s amazing to help someone realise how small things can change their life long term” Toby
“I’m a numbers man through and through, so I love being able to give people actual solutions to make their money work for them.” Jeremy
“Once you’ve got your finances sorted, you can see the path to all your goals” Claire
“Changing small things can make a massive difference. Even just being aware of your current financial habits is so powerful.” Ali

We train, accredit and support the success of all of our coaches.

  • We only accept applicants who show a real passion for our mission
  • 150+ hours of training and accreditation
  • Ongoing support and mentorship for every coach
  • Every call recorded for quality
  • Dedicated team to monitor and review calls