01. Your hopes, your dreams

We care about whatever you want to achieve – reduce debt, gain freedom, help your kids, save for a house, retire earlier, or anything else. We want to make sure your money brings you the life you want to create.

02. Help with all things money

We’re here to help with your full financial situation, not just one area like your loans, savings or pensions.

03. Designing for everyone

We want to help as many people as possible – not just the well-off. We’re working hard to make financial education as affordable and accessible as possible.

04. Listen first

Everybody’s different and we love discovering what makes you, you. Whatever your financial hopes or fears, we want to understand what’s important to you … and when it comes to your money, there are no stupid questions!

05. Coaches, not salespeople

Your coach will never sell or recommend specific products. Your coach is only paid by you or your employer – so they’re always on your side.

06. Real, friendly people

Our coaches are up and down the country, from all walks of life, united by a passion to help people and communities make more of their money.

07. Always clear and straightforward

Money doesn’t have to be complicated. We make things simple and cut through the jargon.

08. We show, you decide

With the help of our powerful and visual technology, we’ll show you different ways to organise your money, so you can decide what’s best for you.

09. Always trying harder

We have a big mission, and a lot still to do. We’ll keep asking for your feedback, and acting on your ideas.