It’s time for a shiny, new money plan!

Are you looking for your financial plan? We’ve now turned off our original planning tool.

Our new tool, Propeller, is ready and we’re excited for you to see it in action!

How to get your new plan

Update your details now

To help your coach create your new plan, complete this form with your latest financial details.

Your coach will create your plan

Putting your latest details and your goals into our new tool

Review it together at your next catch-up

Make sure you’re booked in for a catch-up and your coach will walk you through your new plan

See it in action


Why did you create a new tool?
Over the years, we’ve heard feedback from our clients about the features they want to see added to their plans. Many of these features weren’t possible on our original system, so we decided to build something even better. In the process, we’ve made the tool more intuitive and simpler to use – and there’s some new features too. We’ve already heard some rave reviews from clients who have used it, so we’re excited for you to try it too.
Will my new plan be automatically created?
We’ve made some significant changes to the way that our software works – this will lead to much quicker loading times and quicker building of new features in the future.

This also means that your coach will manually create and check your new plan. This will ensure that you have an accurate plan and have a chance to review it with your coach if you’d like to discuss the changes.

Is my data still private and secure?
Yes! The security and privacy of our client’s data is our highest priority. The new software and systems we have developed will significantly increase the security of your personal data.
Will I need to create new login details to access the new plan?
Yes, our new financial planning software was rebuilt from the ground up, including a more secure and robust login system. Unfortunately this does mean that you’ll need to create new login details, but we’ve made this very easy to do!

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