We could all use a talk about money right now…

Spread the word about Talk Money Week (7th-11th November) and you could win a £200 dinner for you and your friends or family


We just don’t talk about it. Right?

But look around. Right now, we can’t afford NOT to.

We’ve all felt the rising costs, the constant headlines.
But 9 in 10 of us still don’t find it easy to talk about.

The research is clear.
Just like mental health, talking about money is the best first step to feel less stressed and more in control.

7th-11th November is Talk Money Week.
Help us get the conversation started…

How you could win

Share a photo of you talking about money

It could be on the phone with your mum or on the sofa with your kids. At lunch with work mates or at dinner with flat mates. On a run with your dog or on a train with a new friend. Anyone. Anywhere. Just talk money…now. 

Add #TalkMoneyNow and @OctopusMoneyCoach

5 lucky winners will get £200 to spend on a dinner with friends, where you can keep the conversation going. (You can talk about other stuff too…)

Tag any of our channels

Get your team at work involved

Spread the word using our email template

Let your colleagues know how they can help spread the word using our email template.

Arrange a ‘Talk Money Now’ coffee morning

Get everyone involved! Invite your team to take 20 minutes out of their day, grab a cuppa and get talking. Download and print our poster to let everyone know it’s happening.

Need some inspiration?

Not sure where to start? How about…

“How are you feeling about money?”

“What’s the best money advice you’ve heard recently?”

“What’s your best budgeting tip?”

“What have you changed about how you spend / save recently?”

The rules

The deadline for entries is Midnight Friday 11th November ‘22 (so get posting!). 

Make sure you use #TalkMoneyNow and tag us on one of our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn)

Full terms and conditions here